Leaving On A Jet Plane Pt. 3

Well I missed my flight.


Suthwest Airlines sucks major penis!

After waiting to check in for an hour and half, I got thru that (my bag was 4 pounds over the limit...I thus had to pay more)...then security went almost painless...I grabbed my stuff (laptop bag w/ porn and Wall E) and ran thru the airport with my shoes and belt in hand.  The time was 8:04 am.  My flight left at 8:05 am.  This one tight ass bastard would not hold the plane for me...even though it was still parked. 

My new flight leaves at 1:00 pm.  I am almost tempted to let the porn fly right here in this little coffee shop that I am holed up in.

I think I will wait till a kid comes up so that I can introduce him to my world of porn.  Kind of like smoking out a younger brother or sister with pot.  It is a right of passage I want to pass on to a younger generation.


I miss my dog, I miss my office, I miss my house WIFI, I miss my comfy chair, I miss my HBO. 


Fuck weddings.

~AW Smith

Uploaded 12/18/2008
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