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Keep in in your pants..........


Keep your snake in its cage or any of the phrases that will keep you thinking straight. If you cant do that then for God's sake wear a rubber or use some protection. Why do I bring this up tonight? I did not do these things and I am going to my GRANDAUGHTERS 13th birthday party tomorrow and I know two things, the only reason I got an invitation is because grandpa gives cash lol and the second thing is I am buying her dad a shotgun and plenty of ammo. lol I had my first daughter at 18 and she in turn matched me so now I am a 50 year old grandpa and if you dont use protection you too will be telling this kind of story one day. I am to young to be a grandpa DAMNIT I feel old but not that old. lol Well at the very least I now have a weenie licking dog.


Thanks for reading Bohank

bohankeeton Uploaded 12/18/2008
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