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Battle Blog for ADLife


Hey you big douche bag ADLife!!  Whats with your freaking cool upload of the worlds tallest snowman??  Thats the only decent thing you have!!  You're a big freaking idiot!!  Yeah thats right you're and idiot and I dont' like you or your do us all a favor and get a face transplant like that one guy did so it will make you prettier!!  Then maybe people around ebaums would want to suck on your nose a little more often!

You think its funny that you're writing a battle blog against yourself??  I bet you do, you big freaking wiener face!!  Why dont' you just go jump a fence you wanna be mexican!   yeah thats right you're mesican!!   NO not like normla only eat hot dogs and hamburgers and mesican food gives you heart burn!!  so go eat a hot dog and put it up your nose you freaking piece of cow poopy!

ADLife Uploaded 12/19/2008
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