Old Faggot Pussy 2...



As I come to terms with my old-ass-ness, I can't help but think of how it used to be.  back when I thought I was cool....


We have all heard from our parents and grandparents about how tough it was walking uphill both ways through snow yada yada... And we always thought they were bullshitting.  Though as I am getting to be an old faggot pussy, I am starting to see the value in bring up these changes that have made the lives' of kids easier these days.


You little shitasses have it easy!  You never would have made it as a teenager in 1990.


I remember when there was barely an internet.  My stupid ass had to go the fucking LIBRARY to learn shit!  (even when bust with college work, i had to find the time) Damn straight, we had to use a big fucking cabinet that had cards in it for every book, and then we had to ge search for that damn book ourselves.  We had to check it out, and return it or pay a fucking late fee if we didn't get the book back in time!  Remember that shit?  Remember the Dewey Fucking Decimal System?  Holy shit... these little ebaum fuckers these days have never even used a card-catalog!


Remember writing letters?  What the fuck!?  Remember having to buy a goddamn envelope?  Instead of just clicking SEND?  Remember no goddamn PM feature?  IM only existed when you could yell across the yard at someone.  Remember stamps?  TEN FUCKING CENTS BITCHES.... bullshit.

Remember forgetting to put the shitty hand-written letter in the mailbox?  And then it would still take a week to get there?!?!?!  Fucking horrible.... Remember when we used to use that flag on the mailbox?  To warn the postman of an outgoing letter?  hahahahaha  Just in case we didn't get mail for a whole week?  hahahaha


Remember When Child Protective Services (or whatever it is called in your state) didn't give a fuck if our parents beat us?  Remember when even our parents FRIENDS had permission to kick our fucking asses when we acted like little assholes?  We weren't safe anywhere...


Remember when there were no MP3's?  Remember when there were no peer-to-peer services, and if you wanted music and had no money, you had to go a store and steal that shit yourself?  Remember before there were little alarms on everything in the music store?  Remember when it took the keen eye of the guy behind the counter to catch us?  ahhhhhhhhh... the awesome fucking days....


Remember taping shit off the radio?  Always having the dumbass DJ at the beginning of the song, or missing the beginning altogether?  That was crazy shit!


Remember having a tape deck in your car?  hahahahaha  Remeber having to flip the tape, and when the fancy one came out that would flip itself we were all fucking proud to show it off? hahaha 


If you don't remember this shit, then you have it too damn easy...


Oh fuck what a loser old faggot pussy I am....


Uploaded 12/19/2008
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