Old Faggot Pussy 3



Shit!  Sorry, I just wrote that and can't stop thinking of things that make me feel old.  A few came from comments and that reminds me....


Remember when you could Prank call?  Remember that shit?  CJ reminded me of days when you could call someone and they would have NO IDEA WHO THE FUCK YOU WERE OR WHAT NUMBER THEY COULD CALL YOU BACK AT!  Sweet... *69 my ass...

You had no Idea who was calling!  Could be your mom, or your boss, or the school to ask your parents where the fuck their kid is... you never knew.... you had to chance it and answer with a deeper coice!  Remember that shit?


Remember before Playstation and Xbox?  Remember having a stupid fucking Square as your guy?  Remember how every screen ans sound effect was the same and the game never changed, except to get faster and harder until your stupid ass lost?  Remember just trying to NOT LOSE for a little while longer?  WTF??? Just like LIFE, you kept going until you fucking Died!


Remember TV guides?  HOLY SHIT!!!!  Remember having to look at those tiny grids to find what shows might be on what channels at what time?  What the fuck?  How did we survive without on-screen guides and the internet?  hahahah WOW!


Remember when cartoons were only on saturdays?  hahahaha  Remember before the days of Cartoon network, when us little ass-brats had to wait all week, until saturday morning to watch Thundercats, and Fraggle Rock?  Remember when non-cartoon kids shows were made of Puppets?  No CGI there my young little bastard friends...


Remember the fucking Phone Book?  I know you do, we still get them every 6 weeks at my house, and they are good for compacting the recycle bin.... but remember when you had to look up businesses in that big piece of yellow shit?  hahahaha  Remember finding the page you need torn out?   hahaha holy shit....


Remember when we had to use the godamn oven to heat shit up?  When the first microwaves would just obliterate shit beyond all recognition?


Shit... remember buying film? hahahaha oh shit... I have to stop now, there are too fucking many of these to go on blathering.....



Uploaded 12/19/2008
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