so its 4 in the morning and im sitting at work bored off my ass. suddenly my mind begins to drift between the snide comments dirty and i shoot back and forth about some eagles fan. then it happens, i start to think about porn names. why you ask? well i dont really know, just roll with it ok? im going somewhere with this. so if i remember correctly, someones porn name is supposed to be there middle name and the 1st street they ever lived on. and while that naming convention might work fine for some, i find it creepy connecting anything from my childhood, to railing some fatty with a cigarette in her mouth, in the ass on film. (not to mention, jondavid california just doesnt have that porn pizazz we have come to expect from our large breasted and veiny cocked sexual superiors. whether they be starring in the high class "Busty Beauties 12" or the farm themed "heavy Petting Zoo" their names never fail to draw our i pose a question to you: if you were a porn star, what would your name be? make it creative and attention grabbing. im currently torn between The Danglin Fury and Buster McThunderstick. quickly now children, i know you wont disappoint....

I am sindicate and i draw the line at "Barnyard Beefstick"

Uploaded 12/21/2008
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