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#1 I WANT TO WIN a prize can someone help me!! i have never in my life gotten anything free off the internet and it suxs becuz i want freebees cuz im poor and i want to win something.eRep points? i google shit i dont understand.

#2 IPOD i've had had a video ipod for months now and everyone is retarded and i cant seem to get videos on my ipod i draged it to the fucking video box thing in my itunes but it wont work it keeps say "your ipod can not have this in here" or something.

#3 MY SKIN i have been braking out lately with acne and i dont understand i am clean and i wash my face with dove soap everyday and im clean i dont know if its acne .. does acne itch? cuz im itchy i need HELP!i googled for help and it said to put tomatoes and lemon stuff and i use clean and clear ... getting worse not working.. help?


angie111 Uploaded 12/23/2008
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