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actually, thats a lie. i am not angie111, even with my best of attempts, i could not begin to approach the douchiness of that tired old whore. so why did i say i am you ask? simple,because people love to hate that cum guzzling gutter slut and so i figured id use her obvious charm and popularity to draw more attention to my blog.

so as some of you know, i make my own beer. i would argue its the best beer  but some will inevitably disagree, you can all go to hell. recently i finshed a honey beer. i worked on the recipe of it for awhil and i managed to get the alcohol content to 11 percent without sacrificing the taste. i was pretty impressed with it myself. unfortunately it was so good, it was gone within a few short hours. i invited a couple friends over and they managed to drink an entire keg of beer within 3 hours.

in retrospect this probably wasnt the best idea on my part as it takes 1 month to brew and so for the next 30 days i am beerless. either that or i have to prostitute myself out to lesser brews for the time being. i may very well get desperate enough to do it. so for now i guess ill mourn the beer that once was and try to get a brew going as fast as possible.

or maybe ill try something different. recently i found a good recipe for absinthe. it has the high thujone content so its as close to the good stuff as we can get in the us. im not real hot on the idea of a timebomb in my garage though. stilling can be more dangerous than a meth lab if your not careful. plus theirs the whole going blind thing 

sindicate Uploaded 12/24/2008
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