Why is it that the hollidays always bring out the worst in people? I had seen that clip of that mean old grandpa and that is how my uncle just acted( though not as badly). I just went over there and my cousin with her two kids ( one is 5 and other is 1 and half). The mood went from happy to fucking sad in 10 min flat . My uncle took the 5 year old to try out his new razor scooter and they came back in a few minutes later and he was pissed cause the lil kid said he couldnt do it. Went on calling him a lil baby saying he is going to be a baby all his life and this and that. My cousin over heard that and got in his face and then arguing ensued. I am not really supprised by this becuase that is how most christmases are around my family and is why i dont want anything given and dont give anything back either. I dont hate christmas  but just find it pointless about all the presents and stuff like that    but it is nice to get together and see everyone since we dont get to see each other much. It is just sad that it turns out like that. Oh and he wasnt drunk at the time   he is just a miserable old man lol

Uploaded 12/25/2008
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