A letter to blue..Man we need lives....

Dear Blue So, you leave the rude stuff to the idiots, huh? Guess that makes idiot. Dude, your 'attacks' on me are ridiculously saccharin, you really need to try harder. And you are gay I'm writing this to you , because I want to give you a chance to really, REALLY hit me with some heavy shit... C'mon, little guy- gimme everything you got! LOL, you little pole smoker! Merry Christmas!Hahaha lol sad sad. Its funny That you ignore all the signs man. You Love the vagina yet all you do is make penis comments.Im not angry or insulted by you.You are simply sad. This is no hate blog its an acceptance.Your here your gay Im not surprised.I also said you were middle aged because that means soon you can rear a family. Good luck at the bath houses.Lol i have respect for ya but you are an ass .lol...Well Good luck coming to terms..Trust me elimem earned a hate blog you get this...Sad sad blue...Old sad man ...and u dum!!!!Matt
Uploaded 12/25/2008
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Tags: lol haha


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