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Technology Question


Ok, I just got a new iPod nano with one of the gift card I got for x-mas (yeah I'm spoiled, rich and all that shit yadda yadda yadda stfu).  I got the iPod because it was supposed to be "easier" to use than the others.  The problem is that I don't have a fucking clue where to save my music.  Everytime I send a file of my music to the "iPod" file, eject and disconnect it, it says I have 0 songs.  When I replug the damn thing in again, it says all of the songs are on there.  WTF?


Edit:  I probably should mention that I've had an iPod in the past that was "misplaced" that I was able to download music to from a source other than iTunes.  It was an earlier version of the nano.

Edit:  Ok, I'm just going to return the fucking thing for a zune.  Thank you everyone who contributed to the decision.

reyo Uploaded 12/26/2008
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