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How to...... Greg Faffawho?


wanna find out? got to know?? who cares


- my actual name is Greg Faffashoonoo (it's Latvian)

- you would not believe just how fat i am.

- i never finished high school, not once.

- i was once hit by a car, only once.

- i have never cried, except when playing Cluedo at age 38.

- i was a police officer for 4 years, wore pants for 3 of those years.

- i was born in 1988.

- i successfully evaded a homicidal ATV in 1993.

- i can touch myself in 3 places at once.

- i have never read a book.

- i live in Sudan.

- i speak one language, not very well.

- i drive a car, it is blue and orange and brown and lime green and off white.

- there is no such thing as a drug problem, drugs are great.

- my favourite movie is Ghost because i love pottery.

- i have been hit by jelly beans 17 times over the course of my life, never fatally.

GregFafashoonoo Uploaded 12/28/2008
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