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fuck it look at my nakedness


Im just gonna throw this out there. way many days too late.

Some statements are true others are just a fantasy.

~ i punch babies

~ I flew 3,000 to have sex with a man I never met for $5,000

~I have stolen $10,000 worth of jewlery to buy $96.00 sneakers

~I am an extremely naughty girl between the sheets.

~I am a tri-sexual. I will tri anything

~I feel awkward around the same sex

~I am a habitual liar

~ I hate my boyfriends best friends girlfriend

~ I keep tabs on my boyfriends internet activity

~ I was once an agent for the CIA (see above)

~ I once applied for clown college but was not accepted due to the lack of humour, plus it didnt help that I punched a baby

~ I have a secret obsession with celebrities

thats it for now.. looking forward to what you guys think is true and what is not ;o)



jstaclssicgirl Uploaded 12/29/2008
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