good pussy

Theres some bomb ass pussy going around the Southern U.S., It's a little wet, so I'm guessing it' ready to be fucked. I stuck my dick in abit and felt like I was about to get my baby goo all over it, and it's so sticky that after youbang it out, you can mold it back into virgin form.


But out of all the types of pussy I've fucked/ate/fingered my long time favorites are bald and landing strip, Two of the best looking pussies to me.


Fat pussy is best for head jobs, that slowly trickle down your body if you don't move.


The Kush family (Debbie, Sandra, Alexis,Brook) are the best squirters, It's not extremely sanitary but they still pack a big punch.


A type that is extremely hard to find,pigmy. I've only had the pleasure to fuck this twice. After fucking if you don't move around (that's if you can even move) you feel your brain waves in your head.


Then theirs Regular Bush, regular old pussy that still gets the job done, can't ever go wrong with the Regular


Theres a ton of different types in between these but I'd say these are top of my list.


What are some of your favorite types of pussy?

And why?

Uploaded 12/30/2008
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