Educated Pussy.......

The actress in the sex movie is playing the part of a doctor. And she's taking REAL good care of her male patient. She's really getting into it and she shouts at him, "Yes! Fuck my educated pussy!"

Um, what?

Normally I don't giggle while watching sex movies. But uh, this was too absurd. I had to rewind. Did she actually say what I think she said?

"Fuck my educated pussy!"


Wow. Now I'm wondering what if she really DID have an "educated pussy?" Would sex with an educated pussy be much different than sex with your typical uneducated pussy?

EDUCATED PUSSY WITH A PROPER ENGLISH ACCENT: For maximum pleasure, please insert yourself at a 42 degree angle.

Ya know, I bet educated pussy is a lot different than a regular vagina. Like when a regular vagina queefs it sounds like, "Bpfoooot!" But when an educated pussy queefs it sounds like... the Opera.

She's got that Pavarotti Pussy!

Guys use many different adjectives to describe a woman's hoo-ha. Tight. Clean. Delicious. But NEVER have I heard a guy use the word "educated."

DUDE: So how was the sex?

OTHER DUDE: It was okay. I dunno. I just wish her pussy was... smarter. It's like, her lips were moving but she wasn't saying anything!

I wonder if Educated Pussy was like, the Nerdy Girl in high school who couldn't get a date.

SALLY SNATCH: Educated Pussy might be smart, but she don't know Dick!

EDUCATED PUSSY: <Boo-hoo! Sniffle!>

GINA: Aw! Look, PUSSY is weeping! Her glasses are getting all fogged up!

CAPTAIN OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM: Hey Educated Pussy. I never noticed before, but you're pretty hot when you're all wet! Will you come over and help me study for the big exam tomorrow night?

SALLY SNATCH: Hey! You're supposed to be going out with ME tomorrow night!

CAPTAIN OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM: Shut your trap! Here's a mint. Your breath stinks. Did you have tuna for lunch? Come with me, Educated Pussy... So Educated Pussy, have you ever considered wearing your hair a little shorter? You kinda have a 70's hair style.

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