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I got comment banned AGAIN!!! My blogs are still getting deleted and I am trying to use grammer and punctuation as you can see...but that does'nt seem to work. You people make me SICK!! I've never felt like I was acepted in ebaums. I am like the only one that gets comment banned. IT'S NOT FAIR!!! and i see people leaveing comments that makes no sense all the FUCKING TIME.People leave me evil pm's, spamming me, and accuse me of being someone im not. WTF leave me alone FUCK!! EVERYONE ALWAYS HATES ON ME!! FOR NO REASON!! ALL MY COMMENTS ON MY PROFILE IS FULL OF HATE!! PEOPLE CONSTANTLY TELL ME TO KILL MYSELF AND THEY PUT IDEAS IN MY HEAD!! EVIL!!!... and i fell asleep i only lasted 2 days < previous blog... all i wan to do is blog FUCK!!

im angie111 and nobody likes me but thats okay because i dont like you guys anyway FUCK ALL OF YOU!! and i poke you in the eye with my dildo!

angie111 Uploaded 01/04/2009
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