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The acquisition of wanderlust is tricky business.


I feel like I am finally ready to move away from what I've considered home for 21 years, even though I have to stick around to see the end of my own college career.  I don't think I can describe this feeling so to do it justice--taking into account my history and personality, it is deeply profound for me and I am strengthened, invigorated, enlivened by an all-consuming excitement never felt before.

I desire independence, but I'm having a hard time defining that, probably because I've never had to.  Does independence mean free from parental attachment?  And attachment in what sense?  Most importantly, is independence synonymous with freedom?  

Like to hear from people: how did you negotiate or compromise with your family ties and craving for singlehood without alienating others?   


erm10 Uploaded 01/04/2009
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