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Terrorist Librarian


 These Muslim terrorists are some crazy sons of bitches. They are like the super villans in James Bond movies. Trying to buy doomsday weapons, blowing up embassies, cutting peoples heads off and broadcasting it,. You've got Osama bin Laden and other guys who's names I can neither spell or pronounce at the top level. But there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world so the rest of them have to be given regular jobs like sniper, suicide bomber, Eman, librarian. You really don't want to have any late fees at these libraries. (A finger per day.) They really dobn't have  very good libraries anyway, I stopped by the Medina branch Carnagie and all they had was 40,000 copies of the Koran. Oh, and don,t ask if they have the Satanic Verses.

thaddeuspresley Uploaded 01/06/2009
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