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Saving money.


This is just something that I've been running through my head and through the heads of some peers. The idea and action of saving money.

Everyone complains how they don't have any money, but when they get that paycheck they blow half of it on dumb shit that has no meaning to their lives.

So heres some questions you should ask yourself.

Is that HDTV going to have your back when you're being robbed at gunpoint?

Is that TiVo going to raise you're spirit when you're depressed? (I hope not)

Are those drugs doing you any good?

Do you really need this or that?

Are you going to take these things when you die?

Most of the time the answer is NO


If everyone saved instead of spent as soon as they got their checks, they wouldn't have so much to complain about now would they? And if you have a problem saving, get a savings account or something where you're place of employment deposits the money directly into the bank, Sort of a win/win situation. You have cash in you're pocket and you don't have junk you don't need.




Eastside_Dave Uploaded 01/07/2009
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