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it sucks here during the day


cuz there is hardly anyone that is funny on here during the day. i try to write shit that will spark some sort of response to keep myself entertained, but i come up with nuthin. and then i catch a pm bout dirty becoming a nobody or some shit and my dick goes soft. maybe i'm the problem. maybe my blogs arent incidiary enough to keep you interested. or raunchy enough. i can up the offensive ratio if that is the problem. i will start REALLY letting myself go, no holds barred. i could seriously make everyone here hate me. or love me. thats the only two types of people there are when it comes to me. no grey area with this guy. i guess starting tomorrow i'm gonna have to start living up to my screen name.



i'm gonna make it rain.

AWFULJACKASS Uploaded 01/09/2009
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