the pros and cons of rape

PRO                                                                                                      CON

i get laid                                                            she files charges

i add another satisfied customer to the list             she cries and asks why

i feel powerful. like a "real man"                            sometimes the women die

i get to smack her around                                     she seems not to like it

i'll show my mother who's boss!                              she isnt my mom

acouple of minutes and i'm done                            hard to establish long term                                                                                                             relationship

new women every night!                                         possibly a new man one night

some of em fight back                                            some of em get away

handicapped women cant get away                          they always make that retard face

if i drug em, less resistance                                    they lay like a dead fish

dont have to spend money on em                           ??????

 dont have to hear constant bitching                        ????????????

i can eat out wherever i want                                   ?????????????

always exciting sex                                                ????????????????

so it seems that the pros of rape well outweigh the cons of rape. and i only scrached the surface.   so watch out, ladies! after so many years of guys playing the game your way, we're gonna start playing the game OUR way!


Uploaded 01/10/2009
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