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Eshel, you're a dick


Ok, Ok, I'm giving you guys a pic. Yea, I know, none of you can wait. As I said before, I only have drunken pictures of myself, not a real good picture subject. And as I said before, I cannot upload pics at all, so heres the link to one of better drunken photos. I'm gonna try and get a more recent one.

 Also, due to my insecurities, let me clear some things up.


a. I do not wear hats. Ever. This is not my hat.

b. I do not wear sunglasses.

c. THis is back in the days of my long hair. I know it's hard to believe, but I look better now.


Enjoy, and Ladies, try not to masturbate too much.

*Edit* I realize now how many attractive people there are on EBW. Shit.

sparks158 Uploaded 01/10/2009
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Tags: Dammit


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