Fucking whore

My ex-girlfriend was the most jealous girlfriend on the planet. That girl was INSANELY jealous. Some dude must have really been a jerk to her. Because she trusted me less than...CHOOSE YOUR OWN PUNCH LINE!

She trusted me less than...

1 -'d trust Michael Jackson in a Children's Cancer Center.

2 -'d trust Paris Hilton in a room full of juicy dicks.

3 -'d trust the Spears-Federline family to baby-sit your kid.

4 -'d trust anything that comes out of the mouth of President Bush.

What really hurt is that she not only accused me of ShaBOINKING hot chicks, but also BFN's! (Big Fat Nasties.)

HER: I know you had sex with that bitch, haUmight!

ME: Baby, I would never cheat on you. But if I did, I'd like to think I would choose a girl who didn't look like Shrek. (just kidding)


There was the time she was going through my stuff and found a Valentine's Day Card. HER: Who gave you this?!!! ME: Um, uh, uh... Then she reads the card. She raises her eyebrows and says, "Oh." Because SHE gave me that card... the year before. She's so jealous, she got jealous of HERSELF. That's really fucking jealous!


ME (quietly): Hello?

HER: Why aren't you happy to hear from me? Who are you with?!! Why are you being quiet? Oh my God, you're out on a date!

ME: What? I'm in a restaurant. I'm grabbing dinner before work.

HER: You're on a date at a restaurant!

So from then on, I decided to ALWAYS answer the phone SUPER-happy. ME: HI!!! HEY, EVERYONE! IT'S MY GIRLFRIEND! I... (forming the letters like a cheerleader) L-O-V-E love her, love her, love her!!!

HER: Where are you?!!! ME (quietly): In the hospital visiting my grandmother.

*** TXT ME ***

I thought I would mix things up and try out a new cute pet name for her. So I send her a text message with my cute new pet name for her.

HER: Who the hell is ?!!!

ME: That's my new cute name for you!

HER: No, it's not! You meant to send that text message to a different girl! How many girls are you seeing?!!!

ME: Just one. But it's one too many!


I surprise her with 2 dozen roses. Just because. I thought it was romantic.

HER: Wow! Thank you for the flowers! They're beautiful! Wait, what did you do?

ME: What? Nothing. I thought it was a nice thing to...

HER: Oh, don't give me that crap! You're such a player! What, are you seeing every girl in the city?

ME: No! Just then (and I swear to God this is true) this little blonde girl that I know walks by all perky and is like, "Hi!" The amazing thing is that she DIDN'T accuse me of doing anything with THAT particular girl. But she starts listing every other female I have contact with.

Basically, she said that the only girls I could ever talk to were those standing behind a cash register.

ME: Hey, listen. I want to stay friends with you but we can't talk anymore.

GIRL: What?! But we've been friends since the 3rd grade!

ME: Well, I guess we CAN still talk... but you're gonna have to get a job at Wal-Mart.

The lesson?

If you date a jealous girl, things will not work out in the long-run, all your female friends will hate you or end up wearing blue smocks to work, and you will have really, really hot sex.


So yeah. It's totally worth it!!!

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