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Fight the Addiction


If you have been one of the many 'eBaumsWorld' users in the past couple of weeks, here is something you may not know;  using 'eBaumsWorld' can be harmful, not only to your health, but how you function in everyday life.  After talking with some people who have been using 'eBaumsWorld' for a long time, I've been able to study their behaviors and determine what the long-term side effects are.  If you haven't quit using 'eBaumsWorld' yet, the following side effects may help you change your mind:




Numbness in the right hand.

Addiction to finding porn before the mod sees it.

Addiction to uploading porn before the mod sees it.

Beastiality (on rare occasions).

Tourettes Syndrome.

Inability to actually WATCH the features.

Insesitivity to rape, racism, feminist, turtles, and rj300i.

Overuse of the word "cockfucky."

Overuse of the phrase "#4 looks like Chris Farley."  (She does!)

Addiction to Creepingjennie.

Exessive use of force during intercourse.  And masterbation.

And many more to come after further research...

So remember, next time you are having a conversation with someone and you have to ask them to slow down so you can understand, that would be a good indication that it's time to pull them off of 'eBaumsWorld.'

I'm RJM and my material is always original.  Always.

RJM Uploaded 01/11/2009
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