Is it healthy to be this horny?

The title pretty much sums it up huh? I ask you... Is it healthy to be this horny. Im not ashamed to admit (wait yes I am)  that it has been 4 months since I have gotten laid. And when I did last get laid I was really fucking drunk and immediatly regretted fucking that chick the next morning.

But now that its been so long all I can think about is how horny I am. I want it so bad its all I can think about, every half decent female I see I run a short fuckee suckee with scenario with her in my head. It doesn't always result in a boner but if shes really hot it usually does. Im the only guy at my work and 98% of the ladies I work with are so fucking smoking hot and I have to go to work everyday and see them and I end up having to leave to the bathroom to masturbate because I got blue balls so bad I can barely fucking stand up.

Actually a few weeks ago I was about to get laid by this smoking hot chick in my friends bedroom at his new years eve party, but that cock blocking bastard thought it would be funny to knock the fucking door off its hinges and see this girl in nothing but her goddamned panties on top of me giving me the pickle tickle, so after that shes "not in the mood" and my cock is blocked. I shoulda punched that bastard in the head but he locked himself in another room untill I left the next morning (I think he passed out in there with the door locked). The amount of porn I've been looking up online is fucking ridiculous, and hey I got nothing against porn its just Im so damn horny and I dont wanna be bored with regular sex before I get the chance to have it again.

I've looked into it and Im not an ugly guy or any shit like that its just I got no game so I end up in the friend zone constantly. So I got a million fucking smoking hot chick friends and but not a wet snatch in the house. I been spending all my time online looking for at the very least some cyber loving but even that dont come free, and Im a man so I got my principles and one of them is you never pay for something you can get for free, and if you play it right you can get sex for free (not ME apparently but probably you).

Wow I really need the pussy people and writing all this down for ya'll to read isn't making it easier at all in fact worse. Im only not masturbating now because I have a piece of birthday cake right next to me and if I cum and splooge on the cake by accident, (some times that shit goes flying) then Im gonna get fucked outta some cake. I dont wanna eat cum cake.

Now I also find out some hot little piece of ass wants to fuck me but the problem with that is she lives two or three towns away from me. And its not like I wouldn't make the drive for pussy cause oh god I would, here in lies my problem. My fucking drivers license got suspended. I was point one above the legal limit! POINT ONE! 0.09 thats right. I was driving perfect too the only reason I got stopped is cause I took a corner at 40km an hour and thats something I would do sober so fuck me running that the night I happen to get stopped I'm driving home from the bar.

Oh well unless anyone knows a good bar with fucking easy women, then Im fucked (not literally) until I get my license IN 8 MONTHS. I cant afford to get any hornier than I already am. I might die. Im just not gonna pay for sex hookers are dirty and my cock is important to me. Oh well thats my rant. although you probably got bored and just skipped it all you god-damn pole smokers. anyways have a great night, and dont judge my lack of tail you noobs, your commenting on Ebaumsworld. how much pussy could you have gotten, HA. Have a great life people Im gonna go eat this cake then jerk off to college porn.

Uploaded 01/14/2009
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