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After reading eshel's blog and wanting to carpet bomb wherever bum-fuck town he parks his trailer in, I've decided to let everyone in on a little secret. The blog section of this place isn't anything you've never seen before. It's a community that gathers together for open forum. If you want to earn respect from the community, like eshel, then you should go out of your way to be the world's biggest tool so you can maintain some delusion of control. However, if you are normal and just like to blog, then you should post whatever makes you happy and not let other people's comments or retarded blogs get you to create some toned down, fake, marketable version of yourself. 


The most fucked up part of this is that I should not be the one posting this... but did anyone else read eshel's post and realize that he was setting the blogs section up to be the online Reader's Digest or Chicken Soup for the Menstrating Soul? I'm sorry but I will not have the LAMEST motherfucker on this site decide what is and is not a valid blog. 

VapN420 Uploaded 01/19/2009
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