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so i was thinking about some really cool toys i had when i was kid. these toys were pretty cool. i have to say that toys now are way better but for the times when i had these toys they were pretty good. so i compiled a list of toys that some of you may remember if you are in your mid to late 20's. i love how old toys bring back memories. they make me think of times in my life i havent thought about in a long time or things i thought i had forgotten about.

1. beanie babies

2.easy bake oven


4.gameboy color kids on the block dolls furby

7. stretch armstrong

8. sega genesis

9. my little pony


i cant believe i remember all of these. there are so many more. its so crazy to think how great i used to think these toys were. maybe you guys can think of some other toys that you used to play with. i know that some of these toys hold a special pace in my heart because of the memories they captured.

eric_and_alicia Uploaded 01/22/2009
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