Obama is fucking up again!

He just signed a bill to close part of Guantanamo Bay. Then cut funding and stuff for the war on terror. He wants to stop some of the tactics they use to interrogate prisoners and make them 100% more humane.

Now, they wont get any answers from them terror suspects.

Also, where the hell are they going to put the prisoners? Dont you dare bring them fuckers here to the US!!! Leave them dangerous bastards down in Cuba! We dont want them here in the US at all!

We dont need to give them all another trial or anything. That is a waste of my tax dollars! Once you let them out of jail, they will be pissed and want revenge.

Now, Obama is just begging for another 9-11! If he gets his way, we just might have another incident here in the US.

Thanks Obama supporters! I hope you are all happy to have an idiot like him in office! He is not going to be a good President at all! He was never in the Military and he does not know what he is doing. He does not have enough common sense to realize he is fucking things up now!

If we do have another terror attack here in the US or anywhere in the world, I hope you are all happy and you realize that Obama is to blame! I also blame every person in this country who voted for him, or supported him and did not vote for him! You are ALL just as guilty as Osama Bin Laden when and if the terrorists strike again!

You should have known better than to vote for an idiot who doesnt give a shit about the war on terror and does not know what he is doing!

He has no Military background and he is in charge of all his advisors. He also has no experience in government!

Uploaded 01/23/2009
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