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I have a job


Yep, I have a job, and it's probably one of the most mindnumbingly tedious jobs out there.  I'm the new sign waver for this random Income tax place (yippee!).  And you know what?  I'm glad.  I ws actually able to find a job in this rediculously horrible economic struggle we have going here, and you're first job is supposed to be horrible anyway right?  Whatever, it's only untill April and if I stick with it, I should earn a couple thousand before Summer starts and that+drivers licence+that damned 6 month probation period being over=the best damn summer of my life.  And for those who chose to laugh at the fact that I have to put a statue of liberty costume on a wave a sign at traffic for hours on end, at least I have a job.  There are thousands of people in my city alone who can't say that.  So it's another bitter-sweet victory on my end...what's new with you guys?

reyo Uploaded 01/23/2009
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