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How to Deepen Your Voice


    The following blog entry is intended for a male and lesbian audience.  This is based on an e-book written by a guy by the name of Mike London. The reason I'm writing this is so that you don't have to waste 67 bucks on a 16 page e-book. When I was considering whether or not to buy this I came across a few honest reviews(written on other blogs of course) so I figured what the hell. The guy guarantees you that if your voice isn't transformed within 5 days he will apologize to you in the form of a written e-mail from him. What's best of all after 5 days of commiting to this program you will not only experience change in your voice but also keep it permenant! I personally can testify that this program was indeed successful with me and I did experience massive change in the timber of my voice but it took slightly longer than the time he promised (7 days). After that point I could EASILY manipulate the deepness of my voice whenever I wanted.

    Why do all men(and some women) want deeper voices? A deep voice is one that commands respect and reassures the listener with trust. You all know what I'm talking about. No one takes the puny voiced guy seriously. It sounds annoying and just plain childish. Even the women agree. Every woman wants a guy that she can put her trust in, and if you expect that you have a good chance with a woman while your voice is annoying and childish, you have some self-revision to do. I know I'm really beginning to sound like a douchebag here but hey, this is the reality that we all live in.  I myself used to be heedless of my puny voice problem until it hit me hard and I was publicly humiliated by an elequent asshole who had a problem with my voice. I took this guy seriously and went out and bought this e-book. After that point I begian to pretend like I lost my voice until I noticed the change. I came back after a week and stunned everyone at work. Some people even asked me if I was on drugs... LOL! Even the women (douchebaggery kicking in) began to treat me differently if you catch my drift. Anyways that's enough of me. Let us proceed with the program!

    OK! If you're still with me and haven't tl;dr'ed this, I can tell you that you will not be dissapointed. The program is simple really. I don't know why I had to spend 67 bucks for it. I have divided it for you into the following steps-

1) Lay down on your bed and lift your head up to the point where your upper body is overhanging around the area of the nipples.

2) REALLY tense the right side of your neck by tilting your head to the left side and returning level headed. You can even add to this by tilting your head back.

3) After you feel the burn in your neck muscles, lower your head back down and wait for the blood the rush back in. Then do it again.

Do this 15 times FOR BOTH THE LEFT AND RIGHT side of your neck. Most important though you REALLY want to feel a burn. Do 3-5 sets of these a day. These don't have to be consecutive. You do a set in the morning, noon, and evening if you want. It doesn't really matter. I know this is really time consuming but hey, if you really want that deep voice you gotta commit. "What happened thoughout all this?" you may ask. To break it down for you in simple terms, throughout the day it is your vocal chords that are holding your head up. That in turn makes them tense and sound high pitched. What you want to do is stregnthen your neck muscles to the point where your vocal chords are doing no work at all in holding your head up and are relaxed to the point where they can produce a deeper crisp sound.

    That's pretty much it people! After you develop your voice through this program, you may want to get in the habit of using it. MAKE A CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO SPEAK IN A DEEPER TONE. Then after a certain point, it will become habit. Hope this helped.

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