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Get Dirty laid


Strghtjcktgrl got me thinking how nice it is to get my dick wet and what I should look for in a good meat holder.So I am taking applications for a dirty sex slave. This is what I'm looking for....

*Big tits,if you don't have big tits I will take small ones.

*2 or more nipples

*One hot to luke warm vagina

*Ability to breath through nose for a long period of time

*Some teeth

*No facial hair(beards tickle my balls)

*Loves the cock

*Loves to talk dirty to Dirty

*Likes it when I fart while she sucks on my meat rod

*Does a funny voice when I put my nuts on her forehead

*Is totally willing to be tied up and locked in my basement

*Condoms are for gay people only

I'm Dirtysanchez and I'm starting without you.

dirtysanchez10 Uploaded 01/25/2009
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