It's finally happened

Ebaumsworld has sold out. I signed into ebaumsworld moments ago and much to my dismay a MASSIVE ad for "The Chaser's War" bordered the screen. Is this myspace? Has eric finally stooped so low as to give up the precious blue borders I call the borderline of the borderline psychotics that infest our dear, dear ebaumsworld.


It began not long ago. I would log in, ads would pop up. No big deal. Then the constant underlining of random words with little ads hiding like gnomes under a bridge, just waiting for a stray mouse to happen upon it flashing a bubble of "Want to marry a russian prostitute!?!?" upon my screen. This annoyed me, but I pressed on. And now THIS SHIT? What has become of us? Will there soon be a "The Dark Knight" layout for our profiles? Actuslly, I see in the not-so distant future a subscription cost for ebaums.


The world has come to an end. Fuck it I'm goin to see streetlight manifesto play at croc rock in allentown. I'll stop caring then.


thegodlyone has spoken

Uploaded 01/26/2009
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