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Yesterday was a fairly eventful day. I woke up yesterday morning completely hammered from the night before. I was on the bathroom floor but I didn't feel sick? It took me only 2 minutes to realize the shower was running, I was fully dressed and not wet, so not sure what in Gods name that was about.

  Anyways, it was 6 in the morning, so the sun had just risen. I looked outside and it was covered in shit. Ice. I had to be at work in 3 hours and wanted to stay awake til then to sober up, so I did the only natural thing anyone would do on a day like this; Watch the Wonder years! That's right, I got through about 5 episodes before I realized the 3 inches of ice turned into 5. Luckily I work close to home, and still had an hour or so to spare so I went and got some coffee, nothing eventful there, I drink it black.

  Worked from 9-4, had a grand total of 2 customers. After my work was done I spent my time entering photoshop contests I know I'm going to lose, but who gives a fuck, eh? was supposed to stay until 6 but finally my boss realized that by then we were most likely losing money so we shut'er down! Felt good. Once I got home I cleaned from the night before. By the time I was done we had enough beer cans to feed an ethiopian for a month! Assuming they will eat aluminum. That's awful, but if I had food and they were next to me I would give them a bite.

  By the time I had finished I recieved a phone call from Joe. We have been in contact for about a week now trying to figure out a good night for my roomate and me to come look at this dog we wanted to take off his hands. He decided the shittiest night of the year woul be best to come look at his dog out in the hilly country. Do you remember babes in toyland? Kind of like that.. I'm sure I'm not the only one who got snow here, but this was ridiculous! It was about 7:30 and Every 1/5th car on the road was stuck. We drove to a grocery store to get her the neccesities a dog needs. We see people inside and made it this far (even though they looked closed) so we said fuck it, and opened the sliding doors with our hands. At first they looked kind of pissed but I thought it was at least worth a try, so we asked if they were open and they said yes but they're getting ready to close? No big deal because they were cool and we were quick so we got all of that, and were on our way to pick the dog up.

  I call Joe again and he says "drive about 2.5 miles after that turn and I'm the house with the lights on". I reset the odometer, drive exactly 2.5 miles, and there are 2 houses both with lights on. I call Joe and of course he's not around his phone at the time, so I pull up to one and hope for the best. I step out and some huge dude comes walking around the corner towards us, so I went up and shook his hand and said "Hey, I'm Brad". He looked at me for- ok this is getting to long, wrong guy, go to other house and there's Joe.

  We had the choice between two dogs, an Australian Shepard or a Yellow Lab. He convinced us that these were two of the coolest dogs he has ever owned, so we step in the garage to meet dog #1 who they called "Cocoa". She is a beautiful Australian Shepard with choclate fur, white underbelly, and white feet with chocolate spots all over. Basically, the instant we walked in she wanted to butcher both my roomate and me. Over her constant barking he amazingly tried to reassure us that this dog was great, just scared. After 5 minutes of that bullshit we're like, " about the yellow lab"?  He gave me a look completely contradicting his opinion on the yellow lab earlier, but we headed that way anyways. We get to a fenced in farm and 4 dogs come running up, of course only the yellow Lab is snarling and barking 5 times worst than the Australian Shepard.

     By this time I had my doubts I was getting a dog, but I said we should go take a look at Cocoa once more. After a ziploc bag of dog treats and hiding behind Joe, he was actually right, she was cool as hell but also just as much skiddish. We stayed in the garage for about 30 minutes before we actually get a few pets in and she started feeling comfortable, and as much as I hated to take her away right then (she didn't seem ready) Joe was ready, and I was ready to get out of there.

  Surprisingly the car ride home wasn't bad at all, a few whimpers but mainly just laying down. We get back to our house, put the leash and collar on her (At this time we had pre-decided her name would be Ambrocious from Labryinth, only to find out it was a girl dog), and led her out the back hatch of the SUV. She stepped out and within 1 second she had escaped from her collar. It was a few seconds of silence between Mark (my roommate) and me, and we thought for sure the dog was gone. She took off down the street, paused, ran back to us, paused before she got there, checked out a few houses, and after about 20 minutes we actually got her inside without even touching her!

   She checked out the house, sniffed around, and fell asleep only minutes after she had walked in, she was worn out. After we cleaned the ice/snow off her back, she had the softest coat on a dog I've felt. She chilled with us overnight, and I got to work today about 2 hours ago. Not sure how to end this so, that's it. Oh, we named her Kora, Australian for Companion

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