Would you marry a prostitute?

Seriously though, in all seriousness, it is my personal opinion that an ex prostitute would make an excellent wife. Now before you say "Frogbob's out of his friggen mind. He drank himself looney." I may have, but listen to my logic.

What is it that all women crave? Shoes? That new dress? Plenty of friends? No, what most women crave, not all but most, is money. And I don't need to say that in general, its still a sexist society, men can make money easier than women can. Simple enough, therefore women crave money- men make money, hence women crave men. Now I don't need to say what men want.


So the reasons a prostitute, in my opinion, makes the best wife;

1. You already know how much money she wants. lol

2. She already understands what you, the man, wants.

3. She's probly tierd of having to have sex with other men, she only wants one now.

4. She's already an expert at sex, you don't have to train her.


I'm Frogbob, and I love sex.

Uploaded 01/29/2009
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