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I told you this over 200 times and you would not listen to me. Well, now you know the truth. The site considered all of you as nothing but tools. Your stupid posts resulted in page hits. The page hits put money in the pockets of others.

All of you high and mighty mods are now directing your anger towards ebaumsworld simply because they took away your privs. You were the biggest tools (fools?) of all. "Oh damn them because I cannot ban anyone anymore!"

All of you little emos who protested this site by playing at break, thank you. We really enjoyed kicking your sorry asses around for the past month. We enjoyed laughing at you. We welcome you back to break whenever you want to stop by. In fact, you should become a regular at break. We would enjoy kicking your sorry asses 24/7.

Damn this site sucks balls.

mandingo Uploaded 01/31/2009
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