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This was written By Eric Bauman at his new site EBAUM-dot-TV...


It's 9am on Friday morning. The CEO from ZVUE was coming in at 9:30 for a "meeting." We walked into OUR office where we were greeted by a camera man, two security officers, about 7 movers and the CEO himself from ZVUE. He brought us into our conference room to say he was sorry it had to come down to this. He then proceeded to tell us to stay put while he searched through everyone's belongings and files, where he took all computers, office equipment and files. This would have been fine if we had been given the chance to remove all personal files on our own computers. They could have supervised us each while we did so in case they were worried we would tamper with our computer. All other employees were asked to come in for a meeting at 1pm. The ZVUE CEO came in and told us he would need to close the Rochester, NY office due to Operational and Financial reasons. We asked him what his plans for the site were and he couldn't give us a straight answer. We do know however that he has a team of 4 developers; one of them being a secretary that was trained to be a developer. These developers are completely unfamiliar with the sites code and infrastructure. So, I'm guessing the site will be a lot slower now because of it. I'd also say that the content department is probably going to be just as lost. We were then kept in the room like criminals while the CEO spoke to each of us individually. Some of us were offered a position with ZVUE (which none of us accepted) and the rest were offered severance packages. (which I may not get now cause of this Blog) After 8 hours of feeling like we've been violated; the movers, security officers, camera man and CEO finally leave our empty office, where we are left with empty desks and dirty footprints everywhere. So, last night we went to the bar, had a couple of much needed drinks to relax and discussed what the hell we are going to do. So, 24 hours later and here I am....I guess the reason I am so upset with this is not because we were fired, but how we were fired. We've ran this company for 11 years and we were treated with zero respect. Worst of all, they provided us with NO real reason why we were all terminated.

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