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the end of EBW


have you noticed bad comments, content deleting, and spam blogs? well, these are all signs of an ebaum's world appocalipse. moderaters stopped deleting spam blogs,  users supposedly didn't get their prizes for being so dedicated, many references to ZVUE, the company that makes boot-leg ipods, what does this mean? ebaums world is under attack, eric bauman no longer controlls this site, moderaters don't filter the crap blogs, reposted videos, this site is an anarchy, and wiill probably either become zvue's world, or be another 404 file not found. here is what you can do. borcott all zvue items, be nicer to eric bauman, it may be too late, but please, i would like to stay on ebaums, uploading crap i like, comenting on things, i like/hate, and stay on this site. now join my army/militia, and fight off this zvue threat!

just_joe Uploaded 01/31/2009
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