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Yahoo Conference chat.... Come Join Us!


I will Paste Eggs original blog below...


I have signed up for Yahoo messenger (  Please join in some huge conference chats we have going down!



From Egg:


I just wanted to let you all know about the Yahoo conference chat sessions that I and several other regular EBW members have been enjoying for the past few months. It is a blast! Chatting forum-style is slow, and you have to refresh the page to see replies and comments from others. Baddozer (baddozer@yahoo), ShellyDazzler (shellydazzler@yahoo), Shays1786, LordDread, mayoj1 (mayoj) and I (egg0nlyegg@yahoo -with a zero, not an o) would like to welcome eBaumers to sign up for a yahoo account if you don't already have one, and join our conference chat sessions. We aren't visiting any longer (except to tie up loose ends), and want you to join us while the new site is being constructed. We have had quite a few users in chat sessions several times before, and it's lots of fun. So let's chat it up while the higher-ups are preparing our new home for us! But please continue to visit regularly!


I am EOE, and I want an eBaum's party!!!


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