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Who is realebaum? And why is this site still called ebaumsworld


  Seriosuly now.  I have no problem with someone taking over the site, although I might say that their tactics were pretty crappy. 

  But naming yourself realebaum when everyone knows that Eric Bauman was fired and is no longer running the site that is named after him is lame.

  IN his own blog talking about what has happened here at ebaumsworld he even states within the first 4 sentences that he is not Eric, even though he feels it's a great username.  Is he fooling anyone?  or is he even trying too. 

  How about coming out from behind your crappy attempt at misleading the masses and letting us know who is really driving the ship here?  You talk to us as if we're all loyal users and use that Placating tone, but I'm sorry I'm calling Shenanigans.  Are the Real people in control of the site going to show up?

  Which brings me to the site name.  This site of course since it was made by one Eric Bauman, and he is a certifiable ego maniac, was named after said site creator.  Why on earth would you want to keep the name of the site if it referes to someone who is making a rival site as we speak?  Why not hold onto the domain and set it up to point somewhere else, change the site name and graphics and there you go.

  Sorry there's just too much lame going on here.  Anyone else feel the same?

Falthor Uploaded 02/02/2009
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