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my poop part two


since i have been getting more questions about my huge poop i shall let you know what i did with it so i do not leave you all hanging.  


first i cut it up as i said to see what was inside it.  from there i took different chunks out and put them in bags so i could show people what it looked like, and to give out as festive gifts,  remember waste not want not.  i cut some of the poop into little hearts and put them in the oven to harden out for valentines day, and the others i just gift wrapped for other people.  


i did count the corn in it, there were 56 pieces of corn, i think that was a good number.  


the rest of the poop i just flushed after i showed my roommate.  


that is it.



Pandanate Uploaded 02/03/2009
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