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my screensaver stuff


Okay, I've dumped a lot of pics onto ebaum and I hope you like 'em, but i've still got a shitload more to give you.  My screensaver's starting to be pretty awsome - I've got more than three thousand chick pics now.  I tell ya, my ps has never looked so good.

Apart from that crap, I'm now in soome go-forsaken part of NW LA and, geez, does it suck.  I'd rather be in Europe or back home with my wife and kid.


Umm, wat else... Okay, I've found a few sites with a lot of cool pics - I'll post the links.  Also, I wanna tell everyone, and I have nothing against Americans at all (fatc is I love USA and almost everything in it) but Budweiser is shit beer - worse than fosters!


bullseyerock Uploaded 02/08/2009
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