one thing strange about this site to me

so on a comment section on here i was writing a lot of bad things about white people, saying things like fuck whitey and what not.  guess what, nothing happened.  but we all know that if i changed it around and started to make fun of a different race, some people in the comment section would start to pee their pants and tell me to stop or they would try and make fun of me to get me to stop.  beyond that i would have a good chance of getting banned. 


why can i pick on whites and not other people, how is that not racism?  i am not saying it is right to pick on anyone because of their skin color or stereotype (no matter how funny or true they are), but if i get in trouble for making fun of one race i should be getting in trouble for making fun of all races.


new ebaum people  lets make this place fair to all races

(but not sexual gender's or preferences)

Uploaded 02/09/2009
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