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ebaumtv...just half a piss off


hahha, the new site is up, creepinjeenie was right. Had to give more time to the development of it, and its starting to look allright. There i was, creating the account, upl,oading the avatar, and alas!...found this submited video, "The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken", shit, i almost drop my computer. Its awesome, and it starts with one of the sweetest floyd songs, "shine on.."(check my profile showcase) and it has a hilarious part. ok. The forum still blows, but have to give extra credit for the .tv page and team. have to check the return of the shoplifting dog too!.  the videos over here are starting to suck, bigtime("idiot with a gun" made me feel sick).Keep them lit, damn the big C!

TheNaxx Uploaded 02/10/2009
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