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its been me the whole time wallboy


Hey Wallboy its been me the whole time, i am the one messing with the site and i was the second gun man on the grassy knoll,  i also sunk the titanic, i caused the great depression.  i shot the first man to the moon.  Hmmmm what else did i do that you should know about?  I punched a nun, i created SPAM (the meat) i started the fashion trend of men shaving their balls, because well damn women do not want a jungle down there.  i made rap popular just to piss off white people, and i am the man that holds the colored man down.  i shot the sheriff and i shot the deputy, i set Chicago on fire.  i broke up the beatles, and i killed jim morrison.  i also knocked your mom up, and i tried to kill you with a hanger but as you can see you are still alive.  boy does it feel good to get all that out.

Pandanate Uploaded 02/12/2009
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