octuplet woman

Okay, the piece of shit is really starting to piss me off.  The announcement today by her publicist.........her what?  She's got a god damn publicist?  I'd think she'd be working on a nanny not a publicist.  Well, now that she has one, how is he (Mike Furtney is his name) going to spin the fact that she said she doesn't get government assistance but she is pulling down food stamps?  Two of her kids get disability assistance.  Shes been on workmans comp for years.  She is living on student loans.  Heres a quick question for you, who paid for the birth of eight little babies?  Does she still have her medical for the job she hasnt worked at in six or so years?  She cant work because she hurt her back.  Can you give birth five times with a bad back?  How does your back hold up when you are as big as a bus with eight kids?  I hope you like kids America, because your paying for 14 of them, courtesy of one psychotic bitch

Uploaded 02/13/2009
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