Fucking Recession.... Get real


Recession- In economics, the term recession generally describes the reduction of a country's gross domestic product (GDP) for at least two quarters. The usual dictionary definition is "a period of reduced economic activity", a business cycle contraction.


The word recession has been thrown around alot within the past 8+ months, it is now becoming a major problem.




It's becoming a problem now for who....?????


Because its been a problem for lower class citizens for decades.


And now the middle class are feeling it and it now becomes an eye opener which I believe is complete bullshit. What about the millions of families that have been having financial problems and economic problems for their whole lives? What about the people who can't eat everyday? What about the people who live paycheck to paycheck?


This government is so screwed up its not even funny, we are more worried about some jungle kids in some poor foreign country more than we are worried about kids and families here in our own country that have the same problem.


And whats the answer to the problem? Tax U.S. Citizens to pay for a bailout.


This country is so fucked with the way it views things, nobodys priorities are in line and and everyones eyes are shut. I read in the New York times that scientist and researchers have predicted a permenant lower standard of living. GREAT! I have to worry about my kids and family to struggle because of some assholes on capital hill can't agree with themselfs.




I am Dave, And the answer to my problems is sticky and green.

Uploaded 02/20/2009
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