A dirty whore!

When I was in the Army, stationed in Mannheim, Germany, I had a friend who was kind of weird. He was a cool guy, but he just did some strange things once in a while.

One day this guy told me he met a girl in Frankfurt, Germany. He wanted me to meet her. So we jumped on the train and rode the slow ass train for an hour and a half to Frankfurt.

On the way to Frankfurt, this guy started telling me about his girl friend and said he wanted to hook me up with her friend. So I agreed to meet her friend. However, the more he told me about his girl friend, the less interested I became in her friend. He started telling me that he met this girl at the Frankfurt Red Light District! It is said to be one of the largest Red Light Districts in the world.

I got thinking, OMG, WTF am I getting into here! We were already on the train and half way to Frankfurt, so it was too late for me to just say no thanks.

So we went to this girls house and luckily, her friend did not show up! I met this girl and the more she talked to us, the more I began to think, Maybe she is a whore.

To make a long story short, when we left, my friend kissed this girl on the lips three times. I could not help but to laugh at him as we started to walk away from her house.

He asked me what was so funny.

I said, That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life!

He said, What? All I did was kissed her. What is wrong with that?

I said, If she really is a prostitute, like you say she is, she sucks dick for a living! In the past week, she has probably sucked on 300 different dicks! You kissed her on the lips, so you just sucked on every dick she has had in her mouth! I just kept laughing at him some more.

He said, Oh god! I never thought of it like that! That is kind of nasty!

Then he said, I forgot something.

So he went back to her house, got what he left there and kissed her lips again!

I just said, You are a douche bag!

We went back to the train station and took the ICE train and got back to Mannheim in 25 mins.

I asked him why the hell he would ever consider dating a whore.

He said, Well, she is cute and she was a good fuck and always gives me a discount at the Red Light.

I said, I am not interested in meeting her friend any more. If you are that desperate, I have two female friends who are pretty hot and easy. All you have to do is smile at these girls and you will be getting laid. I could have hooked you up with one of them! Now you better go get tested for AIDS and Herpes, etc.

I f any one ever gets that desperate for sex, you should have a friend hook you up with someone or go get a blow up doll or something, but dont pay a prostitute! That is just nasty! You dont know who screwed her last. If you ever have had sex with a whore, I hope to hell, you at least did not eat her out!

Uploaded 02/20/2009
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