dum dum babies

OKay how many people work with somone that is so annoying that you just want to smack some sences into them,  But you don't because it would be like smacking a child and would be wrong, will that is what a dum dum baby is.  Now these people are not just the people you work with this can be people who ran into or talk to on the phone, for example the other day i answered the phone at work I said hello and what company they had called, now when i did this it was around 230 in the afternoon, the person on the other end with out missing a beat asked me "Are you Open". I so badly wanted to say no sir we are closed i like to come in on my day off and answer phone calls. So for anybody that as delt with these people I am so sorry I know how you feel, so please read this and know that people are out there that feel your pain.....HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 03/12/2009
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