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The adventures of hillary Hairy clit Clinton.


She slowly pulled down her panties revealing a forest of long brown pubic hairs. Quickly with the swipe of her hand, she sent everything on her desk onto her silky pursian rug. She unlocked her file cabinet and pulled out a long striped vibrating black dildo. She jumped onto the desk, and parted parted her pubes revealing her whispering eye. Slowly she turned the device on and began tesing herself, then she knew the time was right. The dildo penetrated deep inside her hairy cunt. The hairs on her legs began to rise up and then Someone opened the window. Startled she hid behind her work desk. Then her fear rushed away as she realized it was no other then Barack obama. He slowly walked her way and whispered into her ear, "Im making a chocolate vanilla sundae swirl, but im all outta whipped cream".

volcomelement34 Uploaded 03/20/2009
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