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I have been using this website now for a long time and have had an account for about 10 months. I find it hard to believe one of the biggest websites on the net has all these viruses. A lot of these get blocked, but the anti-virus is almost unblockable. I feel like if we are going to spend our time here and help this website prosper. They need to rid the site of all the viruses. It is time wasted trying to elude the viruses that we could be spending checking out some of the adds on here to maybe purchase their products. I hope this reaches management and they at least attempt to help us out with this issue. The viruses have trashed a few computers of users on here a while back. I like this website for the humorous comment section, But the viruses we deal with should not be there.Someone please attempt to help us out on this one. Well, till next time, belly up to the bar and have a drink on me.

yardman Uploaded 03/22/2009
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